Sunday, October 17, 2021
Big Data

Big Data – how it’s transforming big business and society

Big data is a buzzword that is ambiguous and often misunderstood. But it also feels like it could be the next big thing. To...

Italian banking sector in turmoil

Further pain for the  European banking sector as some of Italys banks shares dropped dramtically today The Euro Stoxx Banks are nearly 19% down from...

Monsanto loses one of the biggest UK supermarket chains

Monsanto Takes Another Hit with UK Supermarket Pulling Their Herbicide. The UK giant Waitrose succumbs to consumer pressure to remove Monsanto’s dangerous herbicide from...

New Blockchain technology – seeking to end censorship

Carey Wedler /(ANTIMEDIA) As Facebook and other digital social platforms face repeated accusations of censorship, a new blockchain-based social networking platform is emerging —...

Strong Euro And Dollar Sees Increase In Visitors To UK Post Brexit

With the exchange rate of the pound at a more than  25 year low compared with the dollar, at lowest in year compared to the...

Huawei making inroads in the European mobile market

When you think smart phone's you tend to think Apple , Samsung , LG. Successful global marketing campaigns , easy to use , friends...

Seychelles- The new kid on the block in the world of IFC

ABOUT SEYCHELLES The Seychelles the idyllic island in the hear of the Indian Ocean, well known for its luxury hotels and resorts has for the...
Intel Processor

Europe allows New Cross Atlantic Data Agreement with US

The new cross Atlantic Data agreement  that was finally agreed on Tuesday (12/07/16) will allow some of the world’s biggest companies, including Google to move digital...
Williston's economy, while historically agricultural, is increasingly being driven by the oil industry.

Germany to ban Fracking

After years of discussion and debate, Germany’s Coalition Government has finally agreed to ban shale gas and fracking.While some are hailing the decision and...

EU Nations progress in banning of Glyspophate

As the European Union dominates the news headlines across the world, the Brexit is not the only controversy brewing in Europe. Never known for...
Russian fighter jet

Britains’s £3 Billion Arms deal with Saudi’s

The British government has approved more than 121 military licenses for weapons and military hardware worth nearly £3 billion since Riyadh began its bombing...
BT tower

£7BN Wiped Off BT Shares As Full Extent Of Accounting Scandal Revealed

BT  previously estimated their Accounting  irregularities would cost £145 million.Very wrong it appears. In fact so wide of the mark its incredible.  Today they admitted that...


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