Wednesday, July 1, 2020
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Digital and Physical Worlds Set to Collide as Cybersecurity Takes Center Stage

The digital and physical worlds are on an irreversible collision course. By 2022, organizations will be plunged into crisis as ruthless attackers exploit weaknesses...

Brazil’s investors withdraw en masse for fears of Bolsonaro

The record outflows, said Monica de Bolle, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington, “reflect investors’ fears regarding the...

Ireland Railing Against Deficit and Job Losses

Ireland fought hard to control its towering debt load after the financial crisis. But now coronavirus has plunged its finances back into deficit and...

3D Printed Drugs A Godsend

    As the population ages and rates of chronic disease rise, an increasing number of people are taking multiple pills for several conditions, often at...

Why Africa should focus on industrialisation to increase free trade

The African Continental Free Trade Area is a continental agreement which came into force in May 2019. It covers trade in goods and services,...

Revolut to Increase Hunt for Acquisitions

British fintech Revolut is looking to use some of the proceeds of its recent $500m fundraising to buy rival technology companies that have been...

Renewed Interest In British Equity funds

Investors have put money into UK equities for the first time in almost three months for the week ending Wednesday, as tumult in Westminster...
US Recession

Recession in the U.S. is the “biggest risk” for Europe , says Jean-Claude Trichet.

A recession in the U.S. is the “biggest risk” for Europe and would -- if it materializes -- require bold action from the central...
Oil fields

Rise in Oil as Drones Hit Saudi pumps

Oil stocks rose as Saudi Arabia reported drone attacks on pumping stations, the latest escalation in Middle East tensions after tankers were hit by...

Project Management- Keys to Success

Project management used to be at the margins of a corporation’s strategy. That has changed over the last 20 years. Today almost half of...
Automotive Manufacturing

Mexico Fighting to Become Global Hotspot for Manufacturing

  Mexico is a strategic production location in today’s modern manufacturing world, where producers of all sizes must establish their own operations in one of...

Bill McNabb Chief Executive Of Vanguard Focus On Low Fee’s Not Growth

Bill McNabb was a young Wall Street banker at Chase Manhattan in the mid-1980s when he was called to an interview with Jack Bogle,...


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