Friday, September 24, 2021
Ireland, Covid

Ireland Railing Against Deficit and Job Losses

Ireland fought hard to control its towering debt load after the financial crisis. But now coronavirus has plunged its finances back into deficit and...

EU Boss Looks For Backing To Fund Recovery

The EU’s budget commissioner has called on member states to back new taxes including an annual levy on 70,000 big companies to access the single...

Mexico’s slowdown of its Economy upsets Obrador’s infrastructure plans

Plans for gleaming railway stations plaster the walls of the “map room” at Mexico’s National Fund for Tourism Development (Fonatur) — grand central for...

Impact Investing In Africa and The Sub Saharan Push

Impact investing, one of the fastest-growing areas of asset management, continues to gather momentum. According to the Global Impact Investing Network, the industry had...

Japan reinvongerates Africa Investment Push

When Kansai Paint bought three east African companies in 2017 in what was the largest corporate takeover in the region for two years, many...
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe presents economic stimulus package worth more than US$266 billion

Japan launched an economic stimulus package worth more than 28 trillion yen (US$266 billion) on Wednesday, media reported, days before the central bank is...
European Stcoks

US and European Stocks Rise As Trade War Fears Hit Asia

US stocks bounced higher and European equities rose on Tuesday as investors refined their response to the intensifying trade war between the US and...

East European Growth Strong Amid General European Drop

The European Union’s ex-communist contingent probably weathered a lackluster economic performance by the euro area last quarter. While a boom in the continent’s east has...

The Economic Rise In Developing Countries That Has Disrupted Global Trade

For most of his time in office, President Donald Trump has waged a global battle to rebalance trade in the U.S.’s favor. An escalating trade...

Venezuela’s Debt and Bond Climate

Distressed-debt investors are deeply divided when it comes to how much bondholders can recover after a Venezuelan restructuring. Doomsayers argue that a nation suffering Latin...

Downturn In Philippines Economic Growth Dissapoints Investors

  Data from the Philippine Statistics Authority published on Thursday showed that the Southeast Asian country’s economy grew by 5.6 per cent year on year,...

Emerging Markets Currency Drops Signals Big Opportunities For Investors

Emerging market crises in recent years have been mostly confined to small, marginal countries such as Belize and Jamaica. But last year saw trouble...


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