Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Magnetism of a Second Passport: Citizenship by Investment Programs are on the Global...

Citizenship by investment industry is booming right now.  Every year, the demand for having a second passport continuously increases by 23 percent, and a total...

Sweden’s Had Highest Performing Economy During Pandemic Despite Shrinking

Sweden’s economy performed better than most of Europe at the height of the pandemic even though its economy shrank by the most since the...

Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery and New Market Space in China

On July 16, the National Bureau of Statistics released economic data for the second quarter and the first half of 2020. According to a...

Chinese Currency Renminbi hits a high peak as Chinese stocks surge

China’s currency rose to its strongest level since March as a booming stock market and accelerating economic recovery galvanised investors. The renminbi, which has...
Novavax vaccine

Novavax signs $1.6bn deal for virus vaccine

Novavax has signed a deal worth up to $1.6bn with the US government’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine programme, securing more federal funds than any...
Estonia e-country

Estonia: The E-country With Unlimited Digital Possibilities

Estonia is a small Eastern European country that shares a border with Russia. It has 1.3 million citizens and an area of 14 thousand...

Brazil’s investors withdraw en masse for fears of Bolsonaro

The record outflows, said Monica de Bolle, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington, “reflect investors’ fears regarding the...
Ireland, Covid

Ireland Railing Against Deficit and Job Losses

Ireland fought hard to control its towering debt load after the financial crisis. But now coronavirus has plunged its finances back into deficit and...

EU Boss Looks For Backing To Fund Recovery

The EU’s budget commissioner has called on member states to back new taxes including an annual levy on 70,000 big companies to access the single...

Mexico’s slowdown of its Economy upsets Obrador’s infrastructure plans

Plans for gleaming railway stations plaster the walls of the “map room” at Mexico’s National Fund for Tourism Development (Fonatur) — grand central for...

Impact Investing In Africa and The Sub Saharan Push

Impact investing, one of the fastest-growing areas of asset management, continues to gather momentum. According to the Global Impact Investing Network, the industry had...

Japan reinvongerates Africa Investment Push

When Kansai Paint bought three east African companies in 2017 in what was the largest corporate takeover in the region for two years, many...


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