Saturday, September 25, 2021
Renewable Energy

Renewable Energies For 2019 and Beyond

Throughout the entire modern age, mankind has used fossil fuels to meet its energy requirements. Coal, oil and natural gas have lit homes and...

BNP Paribas, A Leader In Sustainable Finance

By developing several green initiatives and international partnerships, BNP Paribas has become a major player in sustainable finance. As underlined by Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, "we are...

World Economic Forum -No More Business as Usual: Green Deal Needed in Europe’s Recovery

In Geneva today No More Business as Usual: Green Deal Needed in Europe’s Recovery, Say Company Leaders. Chief executive officers (CEOs) and senior representatives of...

Investing in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets investments is always volatile market sector but typically, emerging market countries have low to medium per capita income and are beginning to...
Latin America

Foreign Direct Investment To Latin America and the Caribbean On The Up

Foreign direct investment (FDI) flows to Latin America and the Caribbean rose 8% to reach $151 billion, lifted by the region’s economic recovery, according...

Why the UK will stay in the EU even when it leaves

At European Business Magazine we also like to cover the best stories covering Europe and one of the more important articles that came to...

Global Foreign Direct Investment Decrease Overall In 2018

Global foreign direct investment (FDI) flows fell by 21 per cent to $1.23 trillion. This is in stark contrast to the accelerated growth in...

Indonesia Issue’s It’s First IPO

JAKARTA -The  E-commerce firm PT Kioson Komersial Indonesia Tbk drew strong investor interest for Indonesia’s first ever IPO by a startup, and its shares...

Google Enters Into Renewable Markets

Google and its parent company, Alphabet Inc., have long put themselves forward as leaders in renewable energy use. Last week, they took that a...
Renewable Energy

Drop in renewables investment stalls Paris climate goals Inbox x

The world is moving in the opposite direction of the Paris climate pact goals, with investment in renewable energy falling for the second consecutive...

Documents Reveal Monsanto Helped To Ghostwrite Studies On Roundup

Monsanto the company behind a huge majority of GMO crops has been accused in court  of essentially ghostwriting scientific literature over its glysophate ingredient...
Ethical Investing

Impact Investing – The Next Driver of Growth

In Dec 2018, delegates from almost 200 nations met at a UN climate change summit in Poland to discuss the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. The...


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