Saturday, December 4, 2021
coronavirus globalization

Economists predict Coronavirus Will Reverse Globalization

The coronavirus crisis will fundamentally reshape global trade as companies look to reduce their dependence on Chinese manufacturing, economists have predicted. In a report published...
Erechtheum at the Acropolis

Greece woos the wealthy with plan for ‘non-dom’ tax breaks

Athens will offer tax incentives to wealthy individuals willing to reside in Greece for at least six months a year in a “non-dom” programme...
Ethical Investing

Impact Investing – The Next Driver of Growth

In Dec 2018, delegates from almost 200 nations met at a UN climate change summit in Poland to discuss the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. The...
Dutch Start up

The Rise of Dutch Start Ups

Known for its open culture and a strengthening focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, the Netherlands is now home to a flourishing startup ecosystem. Growth in...

The Economic Rise In Developing Countries That Has Disrupted Global Trade

For most of his time in office, President Donald Trump has waged a global battle to rebalance trade in the U.S.’s favor. An escalating trade...

Bayer In Trouble For Keeping Secret Files

FRANKFURT - Bayer said on Monday its Monsanto unit, which is being investigated by French prosecutors for compiling files of influential people such as...
Air china

Boeing, China And The Trade War Retaliations With The US

Boeing Co.’s 737 Max woes make it a prime target for China’s trade-war retaliations. China, responding to increased tariffs imposed by the U.S. last week,...
Leader Speech

Turkey Paying The Price for Erdogan’s Election Call

Late on May 6, Turkey’s election board invalidated the results of a March mayoral election that cost President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AK Party control of...

Why the UK will stay in the EU even when it leaves

At European Business Magazine we also like to cover the best stories covering Europe and one of the more important articles that came to...
Brexit Irelnad

Taking A Closer Look At The Effects Of Brexit

Ireland's economy is having another minor boom. But it has been a hard road. Wind the clock back 10 years, and Ireland’s economy was...

Investing in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets investments is always volatile market sector but typically, emerging market countries have low to medium per capita income and are beginning to...
Latin America

Foreign Direct Investment To Latin America and the Caribbean On The Up

Foreign direct investment (FDI) flows to Latin America and the Caribbean rose 8% to reach $151 billion, lifted by the region’s economic recovery, according...


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