Monday, January 24, 2022

Chinese Currency Renminbi hits a high peak as Chinese stocks surge

China’s currency rose to its strongest level since March as a booming stock market and accelerating economic recovery galvanised investors. The renminbi, which has...

Brussels Makes U turn on its EU growth forecasts

The European Commission has slashed its growth forecasts for the EU economy this year, warning that longer than anticipated coronavirus lockdowns in many countries...

Most Businesses Proceeding with International Expansion Plans, Undeterred by COVID-19 Survey Finds

New research released by Globalization Partners and CFO Research, indicates that most businesses are undeterred by the impact of COVID-19 and are still moving...

Digital and Physical Worlds Set to Collide as Cybersecurity Takes Center Stage

The digital and physical worlds are on an irreversible collision course. By 2022, organizations will be plunged into crisis as ruthless attackers exploit weaknesses...
coronavirus globalization

Economists predict Coronavirus Will Reverse Globalization

The coronavirus crisis will fundamentally reshape global trade as companies look to reduce their dependence on Chinese manufacturing, economists have predicted. In a report published...

Head of Federal Reserve Says Further Economic Stimulus Needed

Jay Powell, the chair of the Federal Reserve, has said that “additional policy measures” may be needed from the US central bank and fiscal...

Mexico weakened Economy Staggers as Coronvirus Hits

Salvador Almonte has been doing a roaring trade in antiviral citrus cocktails at his stall in Iztapalapa, a sprawling working-class district of Mexico City....
new york

The New York Stock Exchange May reopen in phases beginning in May

The New York Stock Exchange might reopen in phases after May 15, two sources who were on a conference call with NYSE Chief Operating...

Below zero oil prices threaten big losses for ETF investors

  Those betting on crude recovery using exchange traded funds face ‘high risks’ Investors who have flooded into the oil markets to bet on a rebound...

US oil price back below zero

The price of US oil slipped back below zero on Tuesday after plunging into negative territory for the first time in the previous session...
coronavirus economic

Coronavirus: the economic recovery won’t only be U-shaped – it’ll look like a wheelbarrow

The economic effects of the coronavirus crisis will be severe but short-lived, according to much of the recent commentary. The cautious revival in stock...
fiscal monetary

Can the world afford fiscal and monetary stimulus this size?

The fiscal and monetary stimulus announced by the world’s major economies over the past month is a global policy event without precedent in peacetime. ...


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