Monday, October 18, 2021

Dublin Chosen As New EU Headquarters Post Brexit

Barclays PlC  is preparing its plans to settle on Dublin for its main hub inside the European Union after Brexit and is looking to...

City Travel on the Up 2019

City travel and city breaks are on the up with city attractions attracting more than ever before Among the three most popular tourist destinations in...

How to tackle developing countries being left behind in the race to secure COVID-19...

The race is on to secure vaccines that will protect people from COVID-19. But it’s already become apparent that there is gross inequality playing...
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Anti Tax Avoidance Package – What is it?

The European Commission has announced a series of new measures, designed to cut aggressive tax planning policies from multinational corporations. However, experts feel more...

Cuba inviting its European friends to invest with open arms

Afer years of Cuba being closed to serious investors from around the globe , countries want to make up for lost time and Spain...

Calls for Collaboration and Rebuilding Trust Set Tone for The Davos Agenda

Setting the tone for the meeting, the key themes of the first day of the World Economic Forum Davos Agenda 2021 proved to be...

Portugal’s plan to exclude Lisbon and Porto from golden visa scheme draws disdain from...

Foreign nationals looking for a chance to secure residency in Portugal through the golden visa scheme might have to start looking for property outside...

No Deal Brexit to Push UK Into Recession

A no-deal Brexit would have a significant short-term economic impact on the UK, plunging the country into recession, causing a rise in unemployment and prompting an...

Climate Change and Its Impact on Investment Returns

Carbon risk describes how vulnerable a company or industry is to the transition away from a fossil fuel-based economy as the threat of climate...

Capital Markets In Asia – Challenges or Bright Future?

018 was characterized by several major global trends in the financial markets. First, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) normalized its short-term interest rates with...

Tesla reports record quarterly deliveries, but Model 3 arent htting targets

Tesla Inc TSLA.O on Friday said it delivered 139,300 vehicles in the third quarter, a quarterly record for the electric carmaker, but shares fell 4.8% in...
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Chinese Extending Its Financial Muscle In Africa

  When Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president, headed to the triennial Forum on China-Africa Co-operation in Beijing in September, in part to pursue an additional $6bn...


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